06 January 2011

Check out my client, Airest Newsome!

Yesterday, my client Airest Newsome had the privilege to do a wardrobe segment on Fox News Rising. She provided viewers with key information on how to organize their closets as well as informing you of essential pieces that men and women MUST have. Check out the video, and let me know what you think!


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02 January 2011

All eyes on Gwyneth Paltrow

I love Emilio Pucci, however this isn't one of my favorite designs but I have to give kudos to Gwyneth Paltrow for making this dress look elegant with a tad bit of peek-a-boo sex appeal. What do you all think of this dress?
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Polka Dot trends will be major this Spring/Summer

MIU-MIU is already placing a stamp for their upcoming S/S shoe collection. Polka dots are so classic and to add a funky color makes the shoe fun. I could see myself wearing the peep-toe classic pump, that's more of my style. What other trends do you think will be HAUTE this upcoming S/S?


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31 December 2010

Photo shoot fun with my sis Mae Lew


This one of my lovelies from the "Fab 5". Thursday we went on a Target adventure and I racked up on bunch of makeup of different brands because I wanted to familiarize myself different products other than MAC. So after we left Target, we headed back to my house and I thought of this fun idea for us to do a mini shoot of her with makeup on. Mae doesn't wear makeup like that, so being to apply makeup on her was SUPER FUN. After I finished, we decided to take pics and I told her that I would edit them from my phone and truth be told, they turned out pretty HOT! A little bit more about Mae, she's not only one of my bffs, but she's like a sister and I am so very proud of her. She is about to graduate from college in May of next year and she will be moving on to bigger and better things next year! Get familiar with this face because this won't be the last time you see her!



16 December 2010

My Inspiration... ♥ Ang & Vanessa Simmons

Every now and then I write a post about Angela & Vanessa Simmons about their style. This time I wanted to write about how much they really inspire me to keep pushing towards my dream. I found this brief video of Angela & Vanessa talking about Pastry. We seriously need more ladies out here being better role models for the younger girls. I love the fact they always carry themselves with class and that they give back. Rev Run did an outstanding job with raising them and teaching them to be ladies. I have yet to meet Angela & Vanessa Simmons but I'm sure it's coming. I look up to them because they NEVER STOP achieving their dreams, they NEVER let anyone tell them what they can or cannot do. Watching this video reassures me that I am going to make it big and live up to my dreams! Thank you Angela & Vanessa for being a major inspiration in my life!


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12 December 2010

Wiggy & Fabulous ♥

For my readers who know me personally, you know that I am changing and enhancing my look. I love to try new things and keep it fresh. Never expect me to keep one particular look! Anywho, I cut my back in July because I wanted something spicy and refreshing. Plus having short hair is easier maintenance for me and I loved the fact that I could just get up and go. Boy was I wrong about short hair! There were times when I really would just get up and go but then throughout the day, I found myself looking at my hair and saying to myself, "I should've flat ironed that spot." I really hated having bad hair days! So one day, I decided to try on a wig just for the heck of it. At first I was skeptical because I never tried on one before, and I didn't want it to look "obvious" that it was a wig. So I ended up trying on a few and I fell IN LOVE! The one you see in the picture above, I purchased it yesterday and I really love it because the hair is very flowy and angelic. I've purchased other wigs that screamed Diana Ross or Chaka Khan and they are more of my personality because of the big and loose curls. Ladies, please do not be afraid to try new things. It's perfectly normal to step outside of your comfort zone!
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09 December 2010


I know everyone is going bananas over the "red bottoms" however, Christian Louboutin isn't the only designer who create masterpieces. My heart is definitely craving YSL, to me they describe the modern working woman who embraces fashion and style. I'm definitely a sling-back type of girl, because my calves are kind of big, I need a shoe that asenuate my legs. *Fashion tip: A nice knee length or pencil skirt would really show off the shoe along with your figure.* As I progress in the fashion industry, a pair of YSL heels are mandatory for my fashion closet.
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It's almost a NEW year, let's party in STYLE & SEQUINS!

Lipsy- Vip Bustier Sequin Dress

Alexander Wang Sequin Dress

Rare- Iridescent Sequin Dress

Blugirl- Blugirl Sequin Dress

Karen Millen- Graphic Sequin Dress

Sequins are a MUST for the holidays! Doesn't it just scream CHIC? I found these cute dresses while searching on google, and I really fell in love with each one. I figured I would show a creative selection so that you will have an idea of what type of dress to look for when you're out shopping. Ladies, please remember it's okay to wear a fitted dress however, please keep it classy. Sometimes simplicity is more!


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Style ♥ on the job!

Okay so I talked my co-worker Jess, into taking a few pictures at work. She always dress so cute for work. I would totally consider her to be a fashionista. She definitely knows how to put together pieces that makes her outfit pop. Jess has definitely given me tips on how to shop on budget and still be fabulous.

Outfit breakdown:
Olive Green jacket- Target for $6.00
Navy Blue tank- Forever 21 $8.00
Levi Jeans- Levi Denim $48.00
Brown-Rusted rider boots- BCBG $90.00

Yes, I definitely placed emphasis on the boots because they are HAUTE! It's that time of the year and everyone can be stylish and warm all at the same time.
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08 December 2010

NYFW Fall 2011 is approaching quickly!

Hello to all of my fashionistas out there. If you are looking for your big break to attend Fashion Week in NYC, then you need to email your resumes and cover letters to MBFW_Volunteers@imgworld.com. NY Fashion Week will be held from February 10-17, 2011. See you there!


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